HE. Mubaraka Ibrahim


H.E Ms. Mubaraka M. Ibrahim is an accomplished and versatile IT leader with over a decade of experience in the healthcare industry. Currently serving as the Acting CIO and Director of Health Information Systems for Emirates Health Services, she provides strategic oversight and leadership to the Information Technology Sector. She is accountable for formulating and executing the establishment’s technology strategy, implementing cutting-edge healthcare technologies, and successfully delivering strategic projects aimed at enhancing patient care and experience.

In her previous role as the Director of IT for the Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE, Mubaraka led the implementation of groundbreaking national healthcare programs. These included the establishment of a National Level Health Information Exchange, the implementation of a secure pharmaceutical supply chain tracking platform, and the development of a robust National Public Health Surveillance system.

Mubaraka’s exceptional leadership skills and deep knowledge of healthcare technology have enabled her to drive innovation and transformation in the industry. She is passionate about leveraging emerging technologies to optimize healthcare delivery, making it more efficient, accessible, and patient-centric. By identifying and implementing cutting-edge solutions, she aims to enhance clinical workflows, streamline processes, and optimize resource utilization.

Academically, Mubaraka holds a Master of Information Management Systems from the American University in Washington, D.C, a Healthcare Leadership Diploma from the Harvard School of Public Health, and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Kuwait University. Additionally, she is an active speaker at government forum, healthcare events and technology conferences worldwide.
Through her strategic vision and commitment to excellence, Mubaraka continues to contribute significantly to the advancement of healthcare IT, ultimately improving the lives of both patients and healthcare professionals.

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